Have you noticed your car pulling you to the left or the right? Is your steering wheel having a problem being centered when driving straight? Both of these issues point to an issue with your vehicle’s alignment, which means not only discomfort when driving, but a large issue for the lifespan of your tires. This could indicate an alignment problem, which is not only a nuisance to your driving comfort, but a bigger problem for your tires.

Even if you think your car is driving straight, your alignment could still be off. Minor changes can cause uneven tire wear and cost you valuable miles from your investment. Tires are designed to be driven on evenly, and any disturbance to this balance can cause uneven tire wear which can lead to needing new tires prematurely or even a blowout.

In the beginning of the alignment process, we will hoist your car on an alignment lift and attach computerized sensors to determine the alignment of your vehicle. If further alignment is required, our team will then correct your alignment to the manufacturer’s original settings. After this, we retest your vehicle to make sure its alignment is perfectly set.

Alignment adjustment is a necessary maintenance service throughout the life of your vehicle. Inspect your tires regularly for signs of uneven wear, and request an alignment adjustment every time you replace them.