The driveline of a vehicle is what is responsible for turning the axles, and the axle is what turns your wheels. If there is any possible sign of a driveline issue, then it is recommended to have it checked immediately. East Ridge Fast Lube’s professionally trained mechanics are happy to inspect and repair all components of your vehicle’s driveline, driveshaft, and axle.

What the driveline does: The driveline takes the energy generated by the engine and transfers it into the rotation of the tires. Wear and tear to the driveline occurs gradually over time, and to prevent any further damages caused by a worn driveline, your vehicle’s driveline should be inspected as soon as possible.

Signs of a worn driveline: Unwarranted vibrations and rumbling while driving may be a result of driveline vibration, or the interruption in the operating systems of your driveline. Although, this could also mean an issue with unbalanced or under-inflated tires. Once you notice any issues or vibrations, it is recommended you have your tires and drivelines inspected by a professional.

It is always recommended you have your tires and drivelines evaluated if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Transforming problems especially when making tight turns, U-turns, or auto parking
  • A squeaking noise that is made louder with deceleration
  • Unwarranted vibrations or rumbling with normal movement