Filters can often be overlooked when it comes to automotive maintenance. Although, the filters in your car are crucial to its function and as your filters degrade, so does the performance of your car. It is recommended that all filters, including air, fuel, cabin, and transmission should be as clean as possible to ensure optimal performance.

Air Filter: A clean and functioning air filter prevents harmful contaminants in the air from entering your car’s engine. These contaminants often have a negative impact on the performance of your engine, including reduced horsepower.

Cabin Filter: Cabin air filters are designed to protect the driver and passengers against smoke, smog, mildew, fungus, mold, dust, pollutants and airborne allergens while in the vehicle.

Fuel Filter: Fuel filters work outside the gas tank to combat pollutants from affecting the vital parts of your engine.

Transmission Filter: Transmission fluid helps to lubricate your vehicle’s transmission to ensure that it is providing the necessary power through your vehicle allowing it to run properly. A dirty transmissions filter can often block the flow of transmission fluid to your vehicle’s transmission, and these filters capture damaging particles while supplying your transmission with the necessary amount of fluid. Cleaning the filter can maximize your transmission’s life and its efficiency.