Difficulty starting a vehicle can often indicate that your vehicle’s battery may be dead or there could be an issue with your vehicle’s starting or charging system. A dead battery prevents your vehicle from starting, and is often noted by a lack of function in dashboard lights, radio, and power windows.

A car battery’s lifespan is about 3-5 years on average and should function properly without much maintenance. Common reasons for a battery losing its charge including leaving on a light in your vehicle overnight or a faulty charging system. At East Ridge Fast Lube, our certified technicians will conduct a simple battery and charging system test to determine if the battery is dead and can’t hold a charge or if there is a problem with the charging or starting system.

A faulty alternator can also cause your battery to die. The alternator recycles energy throughout your vehicle as you drive to help power the battery. An issue with the starting and charging system or the alternator can prevent your car from starting.

East Ridge Fast Lube’s professionally trained mechanics are happy to inspect and repair the needed components of your vehicle’s starting system.